Damon/Elena necklace picspam

As you can see right now I´m all about DE, and last night proved why I love them so much, I adores this scene and it was full of chemistry, seriously just make out already :P, joke I´m actually loving their buildup and all I ask for now is more scenes and a friendship.
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Hello f-list, first excuse me fir being such a sucky friend, I´m finishing a project at work, and I have been very busy, but I still have tried to follow you, even if most of the times I do not left a comment.

So, I just open a community for fans of Nate/Serena from GG, so If any of you likes them, please join :D


Today is the day!!

*So today is the day that OTH ends for me, I watch for LP only, so without them the show is over for me *I can´t wait for tonight´s episodem I know I will be bawling watching LP scenes, and I know CH is gonna own this episode * I have some colorized pics on my PB so I´m gonna share them with you (Image heavy)
Part 1
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Friends cut

I made a little friends cut, I cut those people who I´m never in touch with, nothing personal

If you can´t read
this entry you´ve been cut (sorry), so please remove me from your list

New Layout

As you can see I change my layout, but I´m not very good at this, so please can some of you "experts" help me look nice, please :D

The one that I had was pulled up by taperjeangirl  and it was beautiful
Wero as you can see I tried to make it looks nice, the banner is similar as the one you made me :)
Thanks in advance


and again Happy Valentines Day :D